Why Your Air-Conditioned Cabin Uses More Energy Than The Yacht Itself

With advances in technology and the increasing demand for sustainability, the future of yachting looks set to lie in maximising efficiencies.

Sustainable yachting to most seems like a conceptual oxymoron. The embodiment of luxury, yachting is in itself indulgent and lavish — hardly likely to be the hobby of anyone vaguely eco-conscious. But that is changing. With the trickle-down effect of sustainable energy in other fields of technology, there has been a gradual decrease in the sport’s carbon-heavy footprint.

Vassilis Fotilas, commercial director — Europe at Fraser Yachts, said: “Technological advances and regulatory developments are having a significant and positive impact in decreasing the carbon footprint of yachts. This is more of a quiet evolution rather than a major revolution. During our recent visit to some of the world’s top shipyards in Holland we witnessed and discussed these advances. The building process of a yacht has become far ‘greener’. Use of more environmentally friendly materials — such as paint — and more environmentally conscious procedures, waste management for instance, are two good examples”.

The whole article here: http://www.billionaire.com/vehicles/yachts-boats/2516/why-your-airconditioned-cabin-uses-more-energy-than-the-yacht-itself

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